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Shri Navchetan Andhjan Mandal

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“Every child deserves the chance to chart his or her future. Enabling the disabled to rise.”

“Our vision is to provide each and every disabled person in our care with education,health care,medical care and vocational training for rehabiliation to enable them to become contributing members of the soceity and earn livelihood. ”

Welcome To Shri Navchetan Andhjan Mandal:

Shri Navchetan Andhjan Mandal was established on October 31, 1976 with an aim to provide help and support to the Mentally Retarded, Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired and the Orthopedic Handicapped children in the field of education, medical Care, vocational training, rehabilitation and employment generation. The organization depends on charity to carry out its day to day activities amongst the disable children age group 5-18 years, of all castes, community, religion and belief. We educate the disabled children for optimal development and provide professional and vocational training with an aim to enable them to earn a livelihood.

The Navchetan Andhjan Mandal with the help of Care education trust, U.K. and Vascroft Foundation U.K. and many other donors runs two primary schools. One for disabled boys at Viklang Vidya Vihar, Madhapar, and another for disabled girls at Viklang Kanya Kunj, Madhapar.We also have one secondary and higher secondary school from 9th standard to 12th standard for boys and girls at Viklang  Vidya Vihar, Madhapr  We also support disable students attending high school and college. An industrial training institute was established in 2004. The organization has hostel facilities for 240 boys and 160 girls, three physiotherapy centres, library (Braille and normal), computerized Braille press, Viklang Rehabilitation centre and a Halfway home for mentally ill persons. At Bhachau an old age home for the blind and normal persona and a workshop for self employment for the visually impaired.

All the above facilitates and services are provided free of cost to the disabled.

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To carry out Activities to Benefit the disabled irrespective of cast, creed, religion  or  belief. To provide an all round Education for Optimal Development of disabled persons. To promote Vocational Training to enable the disabled persons to earn their livelihood. To help overcome disabilities by Educating their family and providing necessary Treatments and Remedies. To promote unity amongst the disabled persons to Voice their demands and protect their Interests and Rights. To provide Braille and Allied Equipments to the challenged to enhance knowledge for achieving Higher Education. To give Scholarship and Assistance to all the specially challenged students. To provide Physiotherapy Care to the orthopedic handicapped and extend Surgical and Medical treatment.  To organize Workshops, Multiple Disability Camps, Day-Care Centers to Benefit the disabled persons. To develop and maintain cordial Public Relation with Govt., NGOs, Corporate and Industrialist for the Rehabilitation of the disabled persons. To organize Campaigns & Public Awareness by developing Community Based Organization (CBOs),Women and Youth Groups in entire district of Kachchh.

Aims & Objectives

"Postpone not a good action" - Irish proverb. Call or email to join hands with us in our effort. Be the agents of hope for these children. Be the strength to give them better lives and eventually to build a better nation. The gift of education, the one we consider so basic that it never occurs to us otherwise, is really priceless. And it’s a gift that many children are deprived of. What if you could offer this gift to someone? A gift at par with the gift of Life; of Life’spurpose. Gift someone an Identity today. Donate Today!

Please Note : “All Donations are exempted under  35 AC & 80 G  Income Tax Act 1961”

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